Digital Marketing Made Simple

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Made Simple

Adcredo self service platform helps Agencies & Enterprises to create high performance advertising for the most popular search and social platforms using only one campaign and report



Keep your focus on the results

The Adcredo platform architecture is built on top of the largest Search and Social Media platforms with machine learning at its core

Remove the repeat

All platforms collected in one place, created for you to become more efficient and focus on the content

Let the AI do the work

Get the best possible ROI without having to constantly update your own best practices for each platform

Share the results

Create one report for all platforms and generate a link so you can share it with your clients

Test first, publish after

Instead of having to edit your live ads, Adcredo lets you test it first before you publish it

Optimize, optimize, optimize

With the help of our AI and your skillset, you'll be able to optimize the ads to perfection

One platform to rule them all

All platforms collected in one place, created for you to become more efficient and focus on the content

Built on top of the largest platforms

With a main focus of decreasing the admin for agencies and enterprises, the Adcredo platform allows you to focus even more on the results while we handle the majority of the time consuming setup for you.

Using only one campaign you are able to create hundreds of ad combinations across Search and Social in just minutes

Easy setup flow

With the Adcredo campaign flow, you'll be up and running in no time.

By empowering our engine under the hood with all the complexity you are used to from different media platforms, and outputting it to the key steps that matter, we'll take care of all the unnecessary repeat and translate your goals to each selected platform. Simple as that.

Create outstanding reports

Adcredo gathers data across all into one single customizable report that can be converted into numerous formats and easily shared. The reports provide a holistic performance overview of your campaigns and media spend


The process is simple


Connect Client Account

Easily create and connect yours and your clients various advertising accounts using an authentication button to access the platforms that you wish to market through


Create campaign

In the campaign section you can easily navigate through the campaign wizard, which guides and optimize your workflow towards the platforms and goals you have selected


Optimize campaign

Throughout the campaign delivery you can utilize the optimization tool, which both gives automated recommendations and help you to easily optimize your campaigns in real time across all channels



Reporting is key but usually eats up a lot of time. The Adcredo reporting tool allows you to get hold of all the valuable metrics needed and nicely put it together for all selected channels in one single report

What others say

"Partnering with Adcredo and utilizing their platform has made it easier for us to grow our marketing efforts across multiple channels. It gave us better control of our overall marketing performance to balance costs with a positive ROI"


"Media buying is the core in any marketing strategy to effectively reach the right audiences at the right time, and all companies today need it to some extent. The media buying process, however, is very complext and time-consuming and many agencies in our industry tend to be stuck in their old ways. Finding a partner that can guide us and optimize this entire process is extremely valuable for an agency like ours and will hugely benefit all our clients."

Lisa Kruse - Founder of Holy Comms

"Adcredo's advertising platform is unbeatable and optimization of ads has increased sales significantly. We have gone from an average of 0-3 sales per day to an average of 8-12 sales per day"

Maria Arenlind - Founder of Caeleste Beauty

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