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We know digital marketing is complex, but with the right tools we believe it can be made simple, effective and manageable

Our story

We love marketing. With the increasing number of media platforms out there, the potential to reach your target audience has never been greater.

Today’s ever-changing marketing landscape brings on many opportunities, but just as many challenges. As the number of platforms and complexity increases, tasks that previously felt manageable may suddenly feel overwhelming and time-consuming.

We thought to ourselves – there must be a way to make marketing simple and more rewarding. In 2019, the idea of Adcredo was born.

Technology should not make out an obstacle, but rather provide opportunities. Our ambition is to let our clients spend less time figuring out technical details or becoming experts on a certain platform. Instead, we let them focus on what matters most – strategy, ideas and creativity.

We continuously work to understand, adapt and improve our offering to the changing marketing environment.

Adcredo has during the past years invested into, and engineered a platform that allows the possibility to gather planning, buying, optimization and reporting across social, search and programmatic into one and the same interface using a step-by-step campaign wizard that allow the possibility for one or multiple person(s)/team(s) to easily cooperate and build their campaign strategy across one or multiple media channels, skipping the repeat. We allow the possibility to easily monitor and to provide end reports on the active campaigns across the platforms.

Whether you are a beginner in marketing or a full-feathered expert – our goal is to make digital marketing simple, effective and manageable and help your company succeed digitally.



The idea of Adcredo was born. In Stockholm, Sweden, Martin and Glim began building the first version of the platform.


Our first clients start using the platform. They are happy and we are excited, but since we want to keep growing and become even better, Mikael joins in as our advisor.

2021 and counting

We keep developing our platform, and with the help of business angels, we take Adcredo to the next level. After all, we want to build the world’s best marketing solution and we won’t stop until we’ve reached our goal.

Meet our team

Glim Södermark, CEO & Founder

+46 72 529 05 05

Mikael Englund, COO & Founder

+46 70 585 96 66

Martin Ploug, CTO & Founder

+46 73 505 45 80

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