The powerful and easy-to-use
Platform for your ad campaigns

By connecting all of your ad accounts into the Adcredo Platform, you can make use of our Campaign Reporting or Campaign Management at one place. It doesn't get much easier than that

Campaign Management

Manage all different platforms

Instead of setting up a campaign in Facebook and then copy-paste your way through all other platforms and focus on each setup, the Adcredo Platform lets you set it up once and then push it out to every platform you've connected.

This time-saver will help you to focus on getting creative instead of doing the repetitive work you're used to today. We are evolving the Adcredo platform all the time to make sure that all requested platforms are available for you and your team

Campaign Management

Create multiple campaigns at once

Remove all the time-consuming repetitions and complexities of creating, managing, and monitoring campaigns - so you can be more creative, strategic, and productive

Campaign Reporting

Create outstanding reports

Adcredo gathers data across all into one single customizable report that can be converted into numerous formats and easily shared. The reports provide a holistic performance overview of your campaigns and media spend

Campaign Management

The wizard from us

The Adcredo platform implements best practices for each platform, so you don’t have to think about it, with our simple but powerful step-by-step campaign wizard. So whether you are experienced or a beginner when it comes to digital marketing, this platform is perfect for you

Your accounts, your data

One thing is for sure - your accounts and data belong to you. That's why you can cancel at any time and go back to the workflow you had prior to Adcredo

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